Bringing your brand to life with content

Our team has recently been spending a lot of time thinking, discussing and reviewing branding in the digital world. We have been helping a number of clients establish new brands like the gorgeous gift shop My Creative Finds or rejuvenating existing brands like for the Marlow Hotel Group.  Plus we have been having a good look at our own brand and we hope you like our new website's look and feel.

A brand is not just your visual or verbal identity, it should reflect your values and your positioning and in this day and age it should also have a digital "life". Conversations are being had directly via WeChat and Facebook, products launch on Instagram and are delivered to your customers eyes instantaneously. These moments and dialogues are all a significant part of your customer's experience with your brand and need to be carefully created and managed.

The importance of a functional, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing website should never be underestimated. Websites should be constantly reviewed and refreshed - not only from an experience perspective but also for optimal SEO outcomes. Rich content especially video is rewarded in the google SEO algorithms and the consumption of online video is increasing at an exciting rate. Forbes recently published this article with some impressive statistics proving how powerful video content is when pushed through the right channels.

Here at The Collective Co. we are ready to help you rethink your brand and your digital content, and can work with any budget.  So get in touch with us today.