The end of 2018: Planning and reflection makes for perfection

Whoa. By some way of wicked magic it’s already mid-November and you’re entering the end zone. The end of year marks an adrenaline fuelled, hair-raising busy period of business. Sales have spiked, so you’re incredibly busy meeting increased client demands. Sound like you? It’s the best kind of first world problem.

It’s easy just to make a deal with yourself and your team to hustle until the end of the year and then unwind in January. While this might be a well-deserved light at the end of a very hectic tunnel, your quieter periods should be capitalised on. The end of December and January present a fantastic opportunity for business owners to check on the health of their brand and business and to reboot boss mode for an even bigger and better 2019

Health check: Reflect on the year gone by

Examine the bones of your business and reflect on a successful year gone by. Questions to ask yourself will of course depend on your business size, target audience and industry. The overarching question should be: were your 2018 goals met?

This question is akin to opening Pandora’s box, as it involves a plethora of factors, ranging from looking at the hard sales figures and return on investment outcomes, to intangible considerations such as assessing the satisfaction of your team. We break it down here with a few ways to tackle your 2018 reflection:

  • Were sales targets met?

  • What was your return on investment on marketing and other initiatives?

  • Is your brand loud and proud throughout all marketing channels?

  • Have you been successfully engaging intended target customers, keeping existing clients loyal as well as penetrating new audience segments?

Rebooting boss mode: Plan, plan, PLAN!

Planning your marketing goals for the year ahead gives you the best chance of maintaining a consistent brand presence on the appropriate platforms amidst the general craziness of maintaining business operations. We can recommend some techniques to realign your goals and ensure your deliver killer content throughout all of 2019.

  • Create a marketing calendar: Each date and holidays that is relevant to your business presents an opportunity to connect with your existing audience as well as to increase brand awareness

  • What campaigns will you run through the year? Here we’re talking sales, deals, exclusive offers etc. They grab the attention of new consumers and existing clients alike. Maximise how effective your marketing campaigns are with plenty of promotion across multiple platforms.

  • What channels will you be promoting your business on? And, what kind of content is required for each of these channels? Planning ahead is key when maintaining a meaningful presence online.

Now that’s where we come in. While you’re busy perfecting your craft, delivering your product, we can be working diligently in the background practising ours: putting you out there to the masses. Let’s kick marketing and business goals together in 2019!