Facebook vs Instagram


How do we get it right?

Ok, so you've read the (online) news, and understand that digital marketing has benefits, you have set up your social media accounts, made sure your contact details and trading hours are correct and you've asked all your clients, friends and family to follow you - hey presto - you are online and have an audience.  So now what?  Facebook with its 2.2bn monthly active users, its undeniably the world's biggest social network, and you've probably also heard about and probably even use Instagram to see your friend's divine children on holiday or favourite celebrity at play.... but how can these two tools really work for your small business?  

While a Facebook packs the biggest punch and remains a core vehicle for copy and messages, Instagram with its 400 million users has become a crucial part of SMM for all businesses, small and large.  Brands now use Instagram as their primary visual/humanising interface for their customers and audiences.   And there is even evidence that your Instagram profile is becoming as effective as your homepage as people switch to searching for business's presences on the popular platform even before heading to Google.  Initial Instagram considerations for set up include trialling posting times, looking at your grid of nine as a whole, writing your bio, changing your click through link and identifying hashtags are all crucial to finding success on Instagram. Facebook has undergone a range of well-documented changes to its algorithm in 2018 which have made paid posts a greater priority than ever for the commercial user reaching out to their audience. 

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