Introducing Gretchen Slater

Gretchen photo.jpg

We are thrilled to introduce you to one of our newest recruits, Gretchen Slater, Marketing Manager. Gretchen joins us with a wealth of experience in the media and publishing industries across of some of Australia’s largest magazine brands.  Gretchen's CV includes and impressively long list of skills and capabilities but we don't want to embarrass her too much so will keep it summarised as substantial experience in marketing management, digital marketing, market research and strategy. Yes this girl is a one stop marketing shop.  Here we get to know Gretchen just a little better as she answers our TCC quiz.  Welcome Gretchen!

What are you doing at 7am most mornings?
At 7am, I’m being horribly domestic: making lunches, making breakfasts, putting washing on, making beds – just trying to get my house in some sort of order for the day.

What or who are your favourite Social Media accounts to follow?
I love ‘I have this thing with tiles’, because I really sort of have this thing with tiles myself.  I also love the Instagram page for London, they always have amazing images from different parts of the city at different times of the day.

Favourite highlight of working at The Collective Co.?
Working with some pretty amazing ladies who have somehow managed to get the work/life balance thing right.

What’s your secret addiction?
I’m not actually addicted to anything, though it’s no secret I’m not really a very nice person unless I’m able to exercise at least once a day.

Favourite holiday destination?
On the very southern tip of the east coast of Italy, there’s a tiny little place called Santa Maria Di Leuca.  It’s paradise there.