Welcome to Claire... our secret design weapon






Oh hey there Claire

The year is ticking by and we are thrilled to have more good news to share... we would like to welcome the wonderful Claire to The Collective Co. team.  Claire is our in house graphic designer and she oozes creative talent into every task we throw her way.   Claire completed a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Graphics and Spatial design upon leaving school and then worked with an education company and a national business coaching company building a broad experience base in applied designs.  Claire is also a talented artist with skills in illustration and painting, look out for her at Sydney markets where she peddles her beautiful hand painted cards and posters.

Here she answers our famous pop quiz!

What are you doing at 7am most mornings?

Could be a number of things: at the gym, walking the dog, getting ready for work or working 


What or who are your favourite Social Media accounts to follow?

I like looking at adventure and drone photography accounts 


Favourite highlight of working at The Collective Co.?

I love the variety and being able to use my creative skills with such a great team. 


What's your secret addiction?

Having fun. And being outside 


Favourite holiday destination?

I love adventuring, so a different destination every time