How hard is your brand working?

We do a lot of rebranding work here at The Collective Co and we thoroughly enjoy it.  Gone are the days of a brand just being a slick logo on your letterhead and business card or a tagline or a slogan.  In this online age brands are able to come to life and interact with customers more than they ever have before. Its important to remember that your brand still does an important job of differentiating you from your competition but it also tells your story, engages your customer and leaves a lasting positive impression.

So.... what should my brand be doing for me? The objectives that a good brand will achieve include:  

  • Clearly complimenting and helping to deliver your message 
  • Elevating your credibility  
  • Emotionally connecting your audience or target market with your product and or service
  • Motivating purchasing behaviours and 
  • Creating customer satisfaction and loyalty  

As consumers identify your product and begin to interact with you, their experiences will form a perception of your brand which will live on in their hearts and minds.   Brand is the sum total of a customer's experiences and perceptions, many of which you can influence, but some of which you cannot.  Everything from how your team answer the phone or respond to emails has a brand impact so its important to dig deep.

Did the purchased product or service perform as expected? Was the quality as good as promised? How was my service experience? If you can get positive answers to these few questions, you've probably created a loyal customer.  

Its also worth keeping in mind that a strong brand experience not only creates loyal customers, but can also create loyal employees. A clear brand ethos engages your staff, and often carefully clarifies service expectations making it easier for them to do their job well.  It can also helps them better understand the purpose of your organisation or business.  

Our brand checklist

So how do you know if your brand is providing you the value that you need? Here is a quick TCC brand checklist:  

  • Do you look like you? Are you friendly and well priced? Or exclusive and expensive?
  • Does it relate to your target audience verbally, visually and experientially?  Can they instantly "get it" without too much thought? 
  • Does your brand differentiate the uniqueness of your offer and why it's a better choice?  
  • Does it reflect the brand promise that you are making to who you are targeting as well as to your internal audience?  
  • Does your brand reflect the values that you want to represent to your customers?  

We are happy to work through any branding questions or needs you may have.  So reach out to us today.