Advertising trends you might want to consider..

It’s estimated that people are exposed to between 1,000 – 10,000 ads per day. The gradual demise of traditional advertising vehicles and the exponential growth of new advertising platforms, combined with a generation of consumers who have * zero * time for interruptions (we’re looking at you, millennials and Gen Z!) means advertisers are having to get innovative. While technology is helping to target mass intended audiences quickly, a set and forget attitude does not fly in the digital era, and advertisers must be attentive, adaptable and keep their finger on the pulse of trends, algorithms, competitors, emerging platforms.. OK, you get it – business’ and agencies have their work cut out for them! We look to 4 considerations for advertising in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence

AI helps to eliminate the guesswork in targeted advertising. Advertisers have access to relevant information about audiences and can target members of a cohort (for example, the social media community or on a CRM system) including behaviours, interests, employment, previous sales patterns etc. Think social media is listening to your conversations? That’s just what we call excellent targeting thanks to artificial intelligence.

Content is KING 

Consumers are tough critics. With exposure to infinite choice, to engage customers, they need to feel the value of what advertisers are delivering. Social media has been a constant for more than a decade (TIME FLIES!) and consumers have come to expect videos, social media updates, blog posts and original content when engaging with a brand to derive that value.

Video killed the still image?

Gen Z, or those born between 1995 and 2015, are set to become the biggest population group in 2019. To put that into perspective for you (if you weren’t feeling old already), one third of the world’s population was born after 2000. This group like to watch videos. In fact, according to Awesomeness TV, the average Gen Z’er watches about 68 videos a day. Facebook and Instagram have already revealing that video content is far more engaging than still content, and the taking-over-of-the-world by Gen Z means that the importance of video to an advertising strategy will only increase.

Connected TV and video on demand

As consumers move away from traditional TV viewing and towards smart TV and over-the-top app viewing. Over-the-top apps are applications that bypass traditional means of receiving media (think Netflix, Stan, Spotify). So, while until recently these platforms had been ‘immune’ from ads.. advertisers are now moving to these platforms.