What it takes to nail your email marketing strategy

2019 is about ending the war of the inbox and creating peace between the marketer and subscriber. Brands are focusing on sending more relevant emails and keeping the customer journey as the focus of email marketing strategy. Below, Salesforce has put together the top 4 ways to leverage marketing technology to keep you and your subscribers happy.

1. Interactivity

Interactivity allows subscribers to engage with additional content without leaving their inbox. Interactivity comes in many styles — such as forms, reviews, image carousels and hotspots, but the most actionable way to use interactive elements is when asking for customer feedback. How frustrating is it to click an email with a star rating, only to open a browser?

2. Artificial Intelligence

The amount of customer data is growing every day, which makes exploring data manually more difficult than ever before. While marketers have more customer data than ever before, many of them are struggling to make sense of it all. Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes it easier to spot trends and understand correlations. Rather than combing through multiple data sources, AI will help you monitor the health of the subscriber, offer suggestions, and free up a marketer’s valuable time.  


3. Automation and Personalisation

Automation and personalisation are not new concepts, but they’re here to stay. Automatic email campaigns are set up once and sent out when triggered by a subscriber’s behaviour. For example, let’s look at an abandoned cart or an abandoned browse campaign; both are automated and personalised based on a customer’s behaviour. The customer will receive an abandoned cart email when they don’t complete the checkout flow. When you leverage data from the right systems, automation allows email marketers to create a personalized experience for each and every customer. Personalised communication increases engagement, customer satisfaction, and retention, transforming the relationship between brand and subscriber by ensuring that emails don’t read like spam.


4. Design Cues from Social Media

Take what’s successful from social media and bring it to your email design. What are your subscribers interacting with on social? Which pieces of content have the most likes? What causes subscribers to convert on social? Good content keeps the focus on user action. Furthermore, since the user is choosing to follow the brand’s feed, the imagery is based on their interests. How can you bring social media energy to your email design? Keep it visual, keep the focus on a few actions only, and personalise and keep content relevant. Keep the actions you want the subscriber to take above the fold of your email. Use large banners and keep the design clean. Your social pages, website, and email should use the same visual language.


Source: Salesforce