Social media: Entering the Instagram era?

We know that consumers now have so much choice at their fingertips. So, what does it take to be their choice, to make your biz tick, in our digital age? Well, for one, consider social media a staple in your marketing strategy. This time we look at some figures around Instagram.

 So – you read our last blog and you’ve taken a leap into the land of social media and created a Facebook page for your business. Nice work. The page looks great and you’re getting likes, decent ‘reach’ and good ‘engagement’ (but what the heck are custom audiences and Pixels - another time, people!).

Now it’s time to start building your brand’s social media empire. Get on to Instagram. Why? These statistics should give you a good idea:

  • 9,000,000 Australians use Instagram

  • 67% of Australian users between the ages 18-34 use Instagram to find new products, services, businesses or organisations.

  • 44% of average Australian users have purchased something that they originally saw on Instagram

  • One in four Australian businesses are receiving daily interaction on the platform

Indeed some say that due to its exponentially growing popularity as a platform for sharing and discovery, Instagram will become the most valuable tool in the marketer’s kit, and that Facebook has had it’s time in the sun. Well, to those the people, we urge you to take a look at our blog post here on some (frankly, frightening) statistics surrounding the it’s use in Australia. It ain’t leavin’!

As seen above the importance of Instagram to business’ marketing efforts and is apparent. Channeling the Old el Paso’ girl when we say ‘why not do both?’ and we think you should! Both Facebook and Instagram, along with other social media platforms depending on your target market, should both be used to realise the potential market for your product, service or experience.

Of course, there is no ‘one size fits all’ social media hat that can be applied to your business. We can help you figure out how and where you’re going to find your real customers and how to execute your social media strategy, so get in touch.

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