Skeptical of social media: Do I really need to be on Facebook?

If you’re working hard, your sales and results should follow, right? You’re conducting your business by the old adage, ‘you get out what you put in’. But in our digital age, this is warped by what consumers have put in front of them; websites, where your website appears in online search engines, email marketing, and the big one: social media.

Wait, I’m already online.. it’s not enough that I had a website developed for my business? Likely not. While there are exceptions to the rule, your marketing strategy should generally consist of a carefully constructed combination of a number of digital platforms.

We’ll start with Facebook. If you’re not sure that you need to get social, here are some statistics that should have you convinced!

  • 16 million Australians are now on Facebook

  • We’re the most frequent users of the social media platform, with 75% of all Australians checking Facebook daily (HUGE!), compared to a global average of 55%

  • Australians are on social media for an average of 1 hour and 39 minutes on average per day.

The demographics might surprise you. It’s not just the young pups getting social!

  • Typically social media savvy 18 – 39 year olds are responsible for just over half of total usage

  • People aged 40 – 65 , with a higher buying power make up almost 7,000,000 users, or roughly 46%

  • A small percentage is made up of 13 – 17 year old users

  • Gender wise, use is about even. 57% of users are female and 43% are male.

So, you know both men and women of all ages are on this weird and wonderful world of Facebook for an average of almost 2 hours of their day every day.

OK, you’re convinced. You know you need to have a Facebook presence.. but, * panic station * you don’t know where to start!? That’s where we come in.

In our next blog post, we’ll take a look at some stats surrounding Instagram and how this platform is likely imperative to your marketing efforts too.

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