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Whether you’re launching a new brand or refreshing an existing one, defining your brand provides the map for getting your brand where it wants to go. How you define your brand will define how you speak about your brand, what your core messages are, and what sets you apart from the competition.

Why choose you? A strong brand bridges the gap between who you are and how you want to be perceived and how your audience actually sees, thinks, and speaks about you.

By combining the way you think and speak about your brand with market research and consumer trends we are able to design a strategy that lays the framework of what your brand is and will be and which types and methods of communication will allow it to thrive.

We’re great at:

  • Brand Naming

  • Identity Planning

  • Brand Positioning

  • Brand Story

  • Brand Voice & Vocabulary

  • Communications Planning

  • Logo Design

  • Typography & Color Designation

  • Visual Identity

  • Style Guide

  • Brand Imagery Development



We think strategically in all that we do. Our team look at research-based data and insights when formalising marketing strategies.

By generating strategic initiatives our team continually are improving client brand assets, enhance engagement with customers, and ultimately ensuring a positive ROI (return on investment).

Why do you need an annual Marketing Strategy for your business?

Marketing planning helps you develop products and services in your business that meet the needs of your target market. Great marketing helps your customers understand why your product or service is better than, or different from, competition.

A good marketing plan can help you reach your target audience, boost your customer base, and ultimately, increase your ROI.

Developing a marketing plan requires research, time and commitment, and is an extremely valuable process that can greatly contribute to your business successes year on year.

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Our team generate and distribute content via all digital channels, that is strategically planned to ensure high engagement, strong customer relationships with ongoing successful outcomes for our clients.   

We create develop strategic content that captures the attention of your target markets, plus influencing your customers every step of the way.

Saying this - words can only do so much when it comes to marketing. Without visuals, even the most informative, true, and helpful words are left starving for attention. Our focus is in constantly surveying shifts in brand perceptions and using these insights to influence the design and methods used to visually represent the brands we work with.

Whether we’re producing creative brands, illustrations or photography, we’re constantly ensuring that we’re creating visual representations based on quantifiable data about what provokes your audiences attention, trust, and loyalty.

We’re great at:

  • Graphic Design (Print & Web)

  • Layout Design

  • Marketing Collateral

  • Photography

  • Animation

  • Content Writing


We’re with you every step of the way to help you create enhancing, meaningful conversations that inspire engagement, dependability, and support.

By listening to how your audience speaks about your brand, your competitors, your offerings, and their needs and desires, we’re able to pull actionable insights that will allow your brand, online and off, deliver more value and satisfy your customers’ desires.

Successful social marketing involves honouring and fully committing to your brand story, setting goals, finding and understanding your audience, developing a strategy, watching your competitors, engaging your followers, sparking conversations, providing customer service, delivering valuable content, listening to your market, following shifts and trends, measuring your impact, analysing the results of your efforts, continuously optimizing your strategy, and sometimes, it also means being prepared to handle critics.

By combining the way you think and speak about your brand with market research and consumer trends we are able to design a strategy that lays the framework of what your brand is and will be and which types and methods of communication will allow it to thrive.

Our campaigns employ Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube.

We’re great at:

  • Strategy Development

  • Content Creation

  • Ad Creation

  • Content Seeding & Distribution

  • Editorial Calendar Creation

  • Organic Social Outreach

  • Community Management

  • Customer Service

  • Crisis Preparation & Management

  • Social Monitoring & Analytics

  • Paid Ad Management

  • Campaign Optimization

  • Detailed Campaign Reporting


We are your outsourced marketing department!

Think of The Collective Co. as your outsourced marketing team, freeing you to concentrate on running your business without worrying about where your next inquiry or sale will come from. 


We love research

Our research team identify the problem areas in your business, understand the needs of existing customers and why they chose your service over competitors. We then make well-informed market decisions about your services and develop effective strategies based off the research findings.

Public relations

Our team consists of highly experienced industry professionals who have worked across a multitude of brands and are passionate about helping businesses and idea owners to succeed in the market space.