Dr Carmen Oakley

Adelaide based ophthalmologist and eye surgeon specialising in cataract and glaucoma surgery

Website Design and Development | Having recently completed her fellowship and now entering private practice, Dr Carmen Oakley needed both a suitable brand identity and a website, to reflect and position her professional personality now and into the future.

Working closely with Carmen, TCC developed a simple yet strong logo that defines her subspecialties, in a colour palette that is personally appropriate.

This was then extended to her website which artfully reflects this brand identity as well as providing an easy to navigate, informational, and interactive platform for both her patient and peer audience to use.


Dr Carmen Oakley




Brand work and brand asset development | Website Design and Development |  Organic Social Media Feed |  Graphic Design



Dr Carmen Oakley – Logo
Dr Carmen Oakley – Eye Closeup
Dr Carmen Oakley – Computer Screen Mockup

Starting from scratch, a number of ideas were explored for her brand icon, colour palette and font. These were then refined through a collaborative process with Carmen, ensuring that she was actively involved in the creation of her professional brand identity.

Dr Carmen Oakley – Visual Assets
Dr Carmen Oakley – Brochure Mockup
Dr Carmen Oakley – Business Card Mockup

Extending across to her website, a critical digital asset, the result is a clean, and medically professional digital anchor that is easy and enjoyable to navigate, providing access to her practice 24/7.

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