Formus has a proven track record in property development, financial structuring and investment.

The Formus team approached The Collective Co. to develop their corporate name and brand, as well as develop a comprehensive Marketing Strategy when the business launched in 2021. The highly skilled team at Formus believe the best measure of success is the combination of financial return and positive social change that comes when you work with like-minded people to unlock the full potential of their property assets.
By approaching every project in the spirit of partnership, they are able to guide clients successfully through transformational and rewarding development journeys. The Formus partnership philosophy ensures an alignment of interests throughout the development process, based on a single, transparent line of communication and responsibility for every aspect of the project.


Formus Property Development Partners




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Azure - Property Marketing

Formus was founded on principles of collaboration, creativity, accountability, integrity and generosity.

Founders Ben Fairfax and Adam Lucas recognised the opportunity to establish Formus Property as a business that could provide a genuinely transparent joint venture model to work with multiple landowners.

Azure Brochire - Property and Real Estate Marketing

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