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As a cutting-edge sports management agency, Mana Group, engaged The Collective Co. to help them elevate their brand presence and reach out to a wider audience. Mana works closely with founders, partners and athletes to bring unique and innovative projects to life with a focus on engaging with fans and sports enthusiasts globally.

Our role was to create a comprehensive strategy, corporate initiatives, digital marketing, social media presence and website development that would align with their goals and values. Thorough research on the sports industry and analysing current trends allowed us to identify areas of opportunity for Mana Group. With this information, we developed a tailored strategy that focused on expanding their reach, increasing brand recognition and enhancing fan engagement.




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Mana work collaboratively with their founders, partners and athletes to unlock innovative possibilities with ground-breaking projects, to ultimately achieve an unprecedented level of engagement with fans and sports lovers around the world.

Mana are the experts in the endurance sports and entertainment space, with an unparalleled network and credentials in endurance sports innovation.

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